Digital Or Film?

Having lost count of the number of individuals who have asked me: “have you gone digital?” I am always left questioning why it’s such a much-asked question. The video camera is only a tool where a professional photographer creates an image. His personal ability to produce a distinct image remains the exact same.

For numerous kinds of photography, digital has actually long held obvious benefits, but for landscapes the resolution required to make larger prints simply wasn’t readily available. But things have began to change and digital cameras are quick ending up being the tools that the majority of pros use.

Modern digital cameras are perfectly efficient in matching the 35 mm movie – the format which the majority of landscape photographers start with. Can they actually match the large format movie electronic cameras? This is most likely the best concern that professional photographers deal with.

Instant LCD feedback is digitals greatest gift and this enables the professional photographer to examine exposure and composition of their image in the blink of an eye. While this is a big advantage, the hours invested in front of the computer processing the raw images have to be an obstacle. A landscape professional photographers time is finest invested behind an electronic camera not in front of a computer.

The benefits and drawbacks of digital photography will stay a problem for a long time. At the end of the day a digital camera will not make a photographers images much better. The same worths we apply in our photography needs to remain no matter which camera we use.

Great photography stays as enticing and as elusive as it has always been; going digital doesn’t alter this or make getting good images much easier. It brings technical benefits, and lots of them, but most of the fundamental photographic techniques never alter. Good landscape images come from the photographer’s individual capability, not the capability of a camera. The camera helps, but the innovative eye stays the same.

As a landscape photographer I am still reluctant to accept digital photography and all the qualities that digital has given other specialists in various photography fields. Yes I use it in other areas of my role, my wedding photography is entirely digital however landscape shots are at best, half and half.

There are a few easy factors that I still use a film video camera:
If I utilised a digital electronic camera, the credibility of my images could be questioned. It is frequently assumed that excellent digital images have actually been manipulated. This reminds me of the musician’s problem of creating a great sounding album but accused of not being able to play their songs live. Excessive time is spent in front of a computer system in either industry may make your end product look or sound better but if you constantly rely on post production digital assistance you’ll come undone. Slide film also produce stronger colours than a digital electronic camera, although once again post production can alter this.

There are lots of benefits for altering to digital however I’m going to stick with film; for the time-being that is. With time film video cameras will be a distant memory and all our images will be exchanged for the pixels. Be cautious – thinking our work will be superior would be falling into a terrific trap. For me size matters, the bigger I can print an image the much better.

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