Small Camera Bags for Active Travellers & Photographers

Summertime is here and it’s a great time for outdoors action and experience. Many professional photographers will take a trip this season to find the perfect shot. For all photographers, simply as essential as the camera, is the video camera bag and your accessories. If you’re journeys find you hiking in the Grand Tetons, or cycling in Moab, travel with a quality small camera bag like those made by M-Rock to ensure your camera is safe. M-Rock is blazing a trail for little camera bags with unparalleled quality and focus on information.

Personally I cycle everywhere, I take so much joy in photographing nature and greenery that it seems almost hypercritical to drive to such places. The environment is in trouble what with global warming leading to huge natural disasters across the globe I think that simply doing my bit by cycling or walking places within a close proximity is a no brainer.

If you’re interested, I got my road bike from Amazon after reading reviews posted online. Anyway enough of my green speak, back to the topic at hand.

M-Rock little electronic camera bags offer lots of advantages to the active tourist or photographer. When a video camera gets lost or damaged, it can ruin or even put a trip on hold. A quality camera bag like those made by M-Rock keeps this from occurring. M-Rock little video camera bags have comfy shoulder straps and belt loops to keep the video camera at your side where you require it, or on your back for comfort. The digital camera within is protected by thick foam and resilient water resistant material. Plus, the little bags provide triple security from the components with a rain-flap, zipper, and front buckle. When the weather acts up, and all M-Rock electronic camera bags come with a weather condition jacket that acts as a dry bag.

M-Rock uses several sizes and styles of small camera bags, in addition to medium and large bags. The tiniest bag is the Mesa Verde, and it holds a multitude of digital video cameras and camcorders designs. The Niagara is a vertical bag that holds cams with lenses approximately seven inches. The bags come with 2 extra side pockets for keeping devices, and rubber straps to hold water bottles.

The best advantage to M-Rock digital camera bags is their modularity. All little M-Rock video camera bag products can connect to the sides of M-Rocks medium and larger camera bags. The modular bags enable an active tourist or photographer to be ready for anything, or reduce bag size when less devices are needed.

No matter what this summertime season holds for you, enjoy your experience and take along an excellent small camera bag to safeguard your equipment.

I know this reads like a plug for M-Rock but honestly I’m on my second bag now and that’s only because I needed a different sized one for a different occasion. They are both fantastic and I felt the need to write a small article to let you guys know.

Hit me up on Twitter if you have any alternative suggestions or maybe you have an M-Rock bag also and want to join the M-Rock rave train.