Top 5 Photo Accessories

There is a great deal of photography accessories on the market today – some are very useful, however most of them are a waste of cash. Here are five of the most crucial accessories for landscape photography.


A tripod is necessary for one primary reason, keeping your images sharp. You’ll wish to choose a small aperture to maximise depth-of-field, so you must be utilising a shutter speed of less than 1/60 second. It’s difficult to obtain a sharp image holding your camera in your hand at these slow speeds.

When selecting a tripod choose one constructed out of carbon fibre, these are light to carry around however are sturdy in the ground. Pick a tripod that the legs will spread out far, this will help to optimise the strength of your support.


A little selection of filters is well worth packing when heading off for a trip. They don’t use up excessive space and will certainly add a little bit of spice to your images. A polarising filter must be leading of the list, while a few Neutral Density filters will certainly assist with tough direct exposures. A 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 will help with direct exposure without impacting colour.

When the light is cool, bring a few warm-up filters to help. The 81-series are my personal choice, these will give your images an extra little bit of life. There’s a absolutely huge number of filters on the market today; these are the most crucial filters for landscape photography.

Correct Movie

Fuji Velvia is an obvious option for me when it pertains to shooting landscapes. This is a slide movie that is high in saturation and is best for catching the colour of all seasons. It is available in 2 speeds of ISO 50 and ISO 100.

It’s constantly helpful to have a few rolls of White and black film in the bag. You never ever know when you see a scene and understand that it’s perfect for B/W. Whichever movie you choose, bring a lot of rolls; don’t be captured in the middle of nowhere without film. If you are shooting with a Digital SLR bring plenty of memory. You don’t want to have to make choices between photos on your cameras screen, bring all your photos back and view them on a high resolution mac or laptop.

Cable television Release

If your video camera has a connection for a cable television release you must buy one. It is a perfect accessory to reduce the threat of cam shake – particularly if you are taking long direct exposures. It does not use up too much space and is exceptionally light.

Light Meter

All modern cameras have light meters constructed into them, however if you are serious about landscape photography it’s advisable to have a hand-held light meter. These are small and of light-weight, and when utilised properly are very precise.


These are the most essential bits and pieces for your video camera bag; other crucial accessories include spare batteries, a grey card and a couple of spare lenses.

I speak from personal experience as well as sourcing information from various locations. Make sure you’re not caught out and get these items in your camera bag today!

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